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The Clear Skin Experts in Melbourne CBD

Our approach

The Japanese clear skin experts: Best collaboration for your skin

Chudo Japanese & Naturopathic Skin Experts are made by "East meeting West".

Collaborating Skin Naturopathy with Japanese Acupuncture, our clinic is dedicated to:

  • restoring your digestive system like the liver and the guts 

  • non-invasive treatment on your face especially by the gentlest form of acupuncture (Japanese style)

  • supplying and balancing your vital energy to promote your natural healing process

  • promoting healthier lifestyles; and

  • purified clear, healthier and beautiful skin with less scars and unwanted lines 

Our treatments don’t just focus on your symptoms - we concentrate on the root of the problem.

We begin Skin Naturopathic consultation with a comprehensive client review, designed to understand your unique health patterns and behaviour. Then we create individualised prescription tailor-made for you. We closely track the results, and modify treatments as necessary. 

Chudo Protocol: Japanese acupuncture optimises the effect of Skin Naturopathy. How?

It boosts your blood/fluid circulation till the very end of the cells of your body: the guts and the skin. And then it strongly promotes an increase in the speed of cell turnover.

Generally it is said that it takes 3 months to see the improvement of skin conditions using naturopathic treatments with diets/lifestyle, nutritional/herbal medicines, etc. But in conjunction with acupuncture treatments, you'll see quicker results and no longer need to wait so long.

Try Sachi's Skin Naturopathy and Yoshi's Chudo acupuncture today.

Contact Sachi 0417432 352

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Our Treatments and Packages

All of our individualised treatments are carefully designed to relieve your symptoms as well as to stimulate the body's own self-healing processes from within the body. Our perception of health focuses on our clients' body structure, physiological systems, diet and nutrition, and their emotional and psychological state. Check out our list of treatments and packages below.

Homemade Remedies

Naturopathic Treatments for Skin Disorder

Restore the equilibrium of the body

Naturopaths view skin complaints as a reflection of overall health, rather than just a local condition. With any upset in the body generally, whether due to stress or poor nutrition, your skin can show signs of dryness, ageing, or eczema/acne/rash.  A naturopathic approach to skin problems focuses on restoring internal balance, using herbal/nutritional/homoeopathic medicines and dietary/life style counselling.


  • Initial face-to-face consultation 90 mins with pre-appointment assessment $120

For skin health

This involves checking through a pre-consultation health questionnaire and a detailed case taking of your present health concerns, as well as your unique health journey. This includes reviewing your/family medical history, current/present medications & supplements, blood/pathology tests, diet, lifestyle and personal skin care items. Physical assessment such as iris analysis and examination of the tongue and finger nails may be performed.

We will then devise a plan that will bring balance as quickly as possible to all areas of your health. This may involve nutritional supplements, herbal and flower essence remedies, homoeopathy, dietary/lifestyle advice, as well as personally formulated skin cream.

For women’s health

Skin problems will be seen at times of hormonal change, e.g. at or from puberty, premenstrual phase, in pregnancy or at menopause. We will aim to resolve the underlying causes, which could be menstrual irregularity, PMS, PCOS, peri-menopausal changes.

This consultation involves thorough investigation of your menstrual cycles and history and further investigation including pathology blood tests and salivary hormonal tests if necessary, as well as detailed case taking.

  • Subsequent face-to-face consultation 45-60 mins $90

Normally the second appointment is scheduled 2 weeks after the initial consultation. Then the frequency of visits will vary depending on individuals. These consultations are designed to check in and see how you are progressing with your health and treatment, weigh and measure if needed, trouble shoot any problems you are having and readjust your treatment plan where necessary.

  • Naturopathy three consultations pass $240 (valued $300)

All consultations are claimable through your private health funds. You may be prescribed naturopathic 'practitioner only' supplements or herbs. These and pathology testings are at additional cost.


Contact Sachi now on 0417 432 352

Acupuncture Treatment

The Clear Skin Experts
Initial Booster Package

Japanese Acupuncture &  Skin Naturopathy

Chudo Protocol: Japanese acupuncture with Cosmetic Rejuvenation has been recognised as it turns clients' dull into clear purified and radiant skin on spot and for constitutional change.

If you have unwanted wrinkles, they will be filled naturally and less obvious.

In this package, Yoshi, the acupuncturist focuses on your skin tones/conditions to be improved. You will feel your skin get radiant, resilient and consolidated enough to stretch unwanted wrinkles as a bonus.

Different from orthodox acupuncture consultations/treatments, this acupuncture head-to-toe treatment works as a booster to increase the circulation to the guts and the skin and to change your body constitutions including homeostasis, metabolism, hormonal imbalance etc. 


  • Chudo Protocol: Japanese Acupuncture treatment 60mins & Naturopathic consultation Initial 60mins Package now only $165 (valued $310)

All health funds rebate available if your policy covers acupuncture and naturopathy (you can claim for both modalities on the same day or different days).

Acupuncture and Skin naturopathy consultation appointments can be made separately.

Note: may additional cost incurred for herbs and supplements. 


Sachi (Naturopath) 0417 432 352

Yoshi (Acupuncturist) 0413 911 142

Contact Us

Get in touch with Chudo Japanese & Naturopathic Skin Experts to learn more about our treatments and packages.


Suite 304, Lift 1, The Block Arcade, 282 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000



0417 432 352

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